Islamic Mantra

Islamic Mantra, “Some elderly people have said that if you go to sleep for bed, then you should go to bed and read the word “Nasir”. If there is a disease of dream defect, then it will be fine.

Decreased sleep:
Our Maulana Ji says that while reading this rectangle while sleeping – if sleep comes, then more will start coming.
Import is:
Ennahalla and Mikei Yehusluna Alennabiya
Ayyuhljina aman sallu alihae and salilmu taslima.

Deleting Genie:
If there is a genie in the house or building and there are problems with the people, then emphasis should be given to the place. Jean will run away from there.

Getting rid of pain:
A man who will read seven times seven times in the morning and in the evening, Allah will nullify him from the misery of the world and the end.

Haseeballahu la ilaha ialloo alihei vyakhlatu wa hwa rababul arshil azim

Protection from genes:
If you write down the wheelchair and hang on your door entering the house, or if you read three times every day and blow it into the house, then the jinn and ghosts will not be able to enter that house anytime.